PU & Fit & Limo: Loss of Affect redux EP

by Primordial Undermind

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    When Strange Attractors was releasing 'Loss of Affect' on CD in 2006, our friends at September Gurls had an interesting idea for their LP version: why not let the German psych-folk duo Fit & Limo add their own embellishments to the record? They came up with some great sounds, but in the end we felt that not all the additions really fit into the already crowded sonic space, and the LP version was identical to the CD. Now for the first time, here are a few tunes that benefitted the most from F&L's input. Over the top is never too much...

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released February 21, 2013




Primordial Undermind Wien, Austria

A blur of indefinite energy. An ecstatic dance dissolving the corrupted fabric of causality, invoking singularity, bleeding at the edges. Labyrinthine mirrored corridors of abstraction sporadically lit by fires of irrationality. An oscillating neurochemical ouroboros feeding a crescendo of standing wave drone through each molecular bond in the corporeal manifestation of collective reality. ... more

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